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High School Class of ’63

Archives in the main are from:

1) extracts from Hartlepool Mail of O and A level results

2) extracts from Hartlepool Mail of School Certificate results pre 1951

3) lists of girls passing the ‘scholarship’ or 11 plus to gain a High School place . From 1961, the new Brierton Hill Technical High School had opened, and parents were given the choice of the High School or the ‘Tech’ if their daughters had passed the 11+ exam.

4) Information from admission books which must adhere to the 100 year rule

5) Pages from school registers (with D.O.B. hidden)

1)This first section is GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level results as published in Hartlepool Mail and the date they appeared from 1951 before which School Certificate was taken

2) This section shows School Certificate results pre. 1951


 3)This section, taken from the Hartlepool Mail, lists girls who gained a place at the school on passing a  Scholarship or later, the 11+. Older entries also give addresses of families

This section is information taken from Admission Books

As The High School was being demolished, ‘old girl’ Jacky Armstrong was walking her dog in Eldon Grove and noticed that a skip was overflowing with old school registers and admission books. Recognising that the next day these documents would be lost forever, she returned home for her car and retrieved them. The admission books are safely in Teesside Archives now and although they were transcribed by another ‘old girl’ Olive Withington (now sadly deceased), we need to abide by the 100 year rule, in that anyone born after 1915 could be alive.Therefore some admission registers cannot be shown here. The admission registers give much genealogical information, the date of birth, address, father and his occupation, what the girl did after leaving The High School and which other schools the girl attended.

CLICK HERE to see Girls born 1892-1908 and their information

Click here to see girls born 1892-1908 who trained as teachers

This section is taken from school register front pages, giving the name, date of birth and addresses of girls. Because of data protection, the full date of birth is not shown.