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In  1965, some High School girls of varying ages  took an educational cruise on SS Dunera to Spain and Portugal. They visited Vigo, Cadiz and Lisbon and many were very sick in a rough Bay of Biscay!  Here, two rather glamorous teachers, Miss Ramage left and Miss Field right, enjoy time on the beach at Vigo. This photo was kindly donated by Marion Hudson (1962-69). Does anyone else have photos or memories of this trip ?

The following four images were taken on the school field in July 1962. The first is form 1S and the others are of some older girls dressed for a performance. The form teacher of 1S was Miss Shrives although the teacher on the photo does not appear to be her. Can anyone help ?

BACK L-R: Lynda Hughes, Susan Gollaglee, Diane Grainger, Linda Gatenby, Form teacher, 6th form prefect, Janis Hughes,Olwyn Greig, Janice Keilpinski, Gwenda Kyte Powell, Eileen Hodgson.
MIDDLE ROW; Unknown, Carol Heward, Valerie Lancaster, Beryl Hardy, Gillian Gibson, Gillian McLaughlin, Elizabeth Massam, Diane Hallums, Jean Gibson, Janet Gaffan
FRONT: Fiona Lowery, Frances Johnson, Christine Kooiman, Jean Gallon,Linda Leslie, Valerie Measor, Christine McManus,Diane Fryer, Elaine Lowson, Eileen Jones


These photos have been donated by Julia Pattison,nee Bird, from her High School days in the 1950s. Please let us know by the contact page if you know any more names.

Taken by Mr Ray Chater, RE teacher of second years at Sports’ Day at Catcote Road  in 1973, during the last days of the school. Can you help us with names ? Please use the contact page or facebook if you can.

These pictures were again taken by Mr Chater on a trip to Hadrian’s Wall 1973. Can you help with names?

Click on photos to enlarge them. If you know any names or have any more photos, please contact us using the contact page !

New photos from Maureen Holgate nee Smiles and Sheila Darling. They were taken around 1957 on a school trip to either Durham and Fountains Abbey or Ripon and Finchale Abbey which were, without fail,the designated trips for first and second years !

These pictures have been sent to us by Edna Carrick who left in 1970

In November 1964, the school took part in BBC Top of the Form. The girls were Susan Baines,17, Pamela Price,15, Jennifer Heath,13, and Brenda Fothergill, 12.

These  photos are of a Skiing trip in March 1971 to Pertisan. Compare the accommodation to that of the school camp in the Lake District in 1960 ! 

Photos taken at school camp at Hope Memorial Camp in the Lake District in 1961,62 and 63. They were donated by Elaine Mudd nee Tudge. Note the last colour one. Is Miss Moore smoking? It looks very much so !

These photos were donated by Judith Turland nee Sirs who attended 1965-72

Remember school summer dresses which we all made in first and second years, along with a cookery apron with drawn threads ?  The dress of course had to be regulation length  have a 2 inch sleeve and be made using blue and white material. Here Gillian  and Heather Brodie wear a very fetching drop waisted version!

Gillian Brodie left and her sister Heather

Gillian Brodie left and her sister Heather donated by Jill Oberlin-Harris nee Brodie

Photos of school trips recently donated by  Margaret Dickinson nee Shears who attended 1956-1962

Hat, tie, scarf, satchel and underneath a school report book. From Sheila Harris

Hat, tie, scarf, satchel and underneath a school report book. From Sheila Harris

EPSON scanner image

Summer 1970 6th Form Leavers. From left on bench arm Lesley Hodgson,then Lyn Garforth,Pat Forsyth, Susan Emm, Margaret Lumsden. Standing are Sheila Jackling,Kathleen Hayes, Carolyn Hansford. Thanks to Kathleen Brooks

On a school trip in the late 1950s are Miss Whitehead left and Miss Robinson right

On a school trip in the late 1950s are Miss Whitehead left and Miss Robinson right