1. Miss L.C. Brew was the first headteacher of the new Municipal High School for Girls appointed in March 1912. She was a Liverpool lady and studied at Liverpool University gaining a B.A and  M.A. Her previous school had been Godolphin and Latimer School for Girls in Hammersmith. The appointment came with a salary of £230 rising to £260. In 1915 the post of headmistress was advertised again, so it appears that she left then.

2.Miss Marion Auld M.A. with honours in history was appointed second headmistress in July 1915 having been deputy headmistress at Birkenhead Girls’ Secondary School. Within her time as head, there began much controversy over payment of teachers by West Hartlepool Education Committee at the school which was not in line with the Burnham Scale and a number of teachers left. This is documented in much detail in the Northern Daily Mail  from Mid 1921 to December 1922 and involved the Board of Education.There were 20 staff resignations in 6 months (Hartlepool Mail 3.12.1921) Miss Auld resigned in February 1922. The post was to be advertised with a salary of £300 per annum. However after much argument within the Education Committee, this was raised to £450 per annum and advertised as such.

3. Miss C Houghton was appointed on May 1st 19222. She was educated at Lancaster and Preston and in 1910 obtained her B.Sc from Manchester University followed by M.Sc, M.Ed . She began teaching in 1911 and became head of  Margaret Sewell School Carlisle. In 1924, she obtained a B.A. Miss Houghton died at 59 years of age in August 1947 after a few months illness at her sister’s home near Leeds.

4. Miss E.W.Bell    Miss Bell was a graduate of Durham University, gaining an honours degree in Latin in 1931 and Greek in 1932. In 1933 she gained a diploma in practical teaching. She began teaching at Heaton school for Girls and from 1941 at Durham Girls’ Grammar where in 1945 she became deputy headteacher. She was appointed head of the High School in December 1947 where she remained till July 1965 

5. Miss J Temple    Appointed September 1965

Teachers (ongoing list arranged alphabetically… please let us know of anything at all to add, more teachers, deaths, marriages, comments !)


Miss Bone, for many years an excellent English teacher at the High School, passed away at Hesleden near Hartlepool in July 2016 aged 97 years. She was at the  school for many years and will be fondly remembered.

Teaching Staff as of Nov19